70 Million students go online every day!
1 out of 4 of them are solicited in some way!
Without Your Help -- Our Children are in Danger

It is our goal through the Kacie Woody Foundation to educate parents, children, teachers, and law enforcement about the dangers of internet predators and internet crimes against children. We are taking the safety precautions to the schools and the communities. The problem is widespread throughout the United States and throughout the world. Arrests and convictions of internet predators are being made everyday. These predators are preying on our children using: similar interests, trust, and secrecy to lure them into believing they have found a new best friend.

Kacie was a trustful, loving person who believed in helping others. It is my goal to let Kacie continue to help others through her story. In order to do this it takes money.  We have to take the dangers of the internet to the street. You can help by making donations to the Kacie Woody Foundation.
God Bless

Mail donations to :

Kacie Woody Foundation
37 Griggers Lane
Conway  AR 72032

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