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Kacie was a 13 year old little girl that lived in a small rural area in Faulkner County Arkansas. Kacie was a 7th grade student at Greenbrier Middle School where she was an honor student.  Kacies’ mother was killed in an automobile accident in 1997 when Kacie was 7 years old. Kacie lived with her father Rick and one of her brothers,  19 year old Tim Woody.
   On December 3, 2002 Kacie was at home alone while her father, a police officer for the City of Greenbrier, was at work and her brother had gone to the college library to do some research. Tim returned to the home to find Kacie missing. Tim and his father knew that Kacie would never leave the home without first contacting them so they expected foul play from the beginning.
  The Woody's involved law enforcement immediately. A massive investigation involving the Arkansas State Police, FBI, and every law enforcement agency in Faulkner County lead to the fact that Kacie was abducted by an Internet Predator. The Predator was posing as a 17 year old teenager from California but was in fact a 47 year old man from the San Diego area.
  Law enforcement moved quickly and did everything they could to bring Kacie home safely. In less than 20 hours they had a suspect, a suspect vehicle and had located the predator and Kacie.
  Kacie was found in a van located inside a mini storage building in Conway Arkansas. Kacie had been shot in the head and her abductor shot himself when law enforcement officers arrived on the scene.
  Kacie was abducted and murdered by an internet predator. Someone that Kacie thought was her friend. Internet predators are hiding behind your computer screen right now, waiting for their next victim.

Kacie was every fathers dream child. She was a great student and a model child. Kacie loved music, poetry, and loved to ride on the back of my motorcycle. Kacie was a friend to all. She loved to help people. If she could find someone without a friend, she would make a friend out of them. Kacie was fascinated with angels. She wrote a poem that was published by the Society for Young Poets titled "I am an Angel".

The first line read:
I am an angel,
sent from above,
to spread the world,
with lots of love.

Kacie truly was an angel. It is my goal to educate as many parents and children as I can about the dangers of internet predators so this does not happen to someone else's little angel.
Rick Woody

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